About Us


Much time has passed since it was said that robot technology would enrich our near future life. Although there has been much discussion on dreamy ideas, the reality is that we hardly purchase robots that actually improve our quality of life. Given that fact, Reharo makes it our motto to develop products placing more emphasis on practicality rather than news hooks. We are working on the development and manufacturing of our products based on the excellent experience reputation of Technotools Corporation in the rehabilitation market, and the robot technology of Exact Dynamics in the Netherlands.

The rehabilitation market has been said to be the most potential market for robots that support people's daily lives. We also believe that the most productive way to utilize robot technology is to develop products for that market and commercialize them to meet our customers' satisfaction. In order to achieve this obstacle, we had launched the development of AMOR ARM, a laboratory arm robot with 7 degrees of freedom, which would be used for the research on practical use of robots, and successfully completed.

As the following step, we developed the assistive device "SAKURA", which could widen the daily living life of people with upper limb disabilities. This device is the world-first arm support with electronic control and its safety/usability has been proved by the verification tests. But, the Japanese market is not so matured that the customers are not familiar with "machined type assistive device" for daily living. Then, we have developed the 'mechanism oriented' simplified arm support "MOMO" rather than 'electronic control oriented' as an entry assistive device.

For the development of assistive devices that can support people's daily life, cutting edge technology is indispensable, and safety is absolutely necessary. As a newly established young company being motivated by those challenges, we are committed to continuous effort in developing and manufacturing highly advanced and safe rehabilitation products.